[Since SSC exam is going on in Mumbai & Maharastra and seeing the kids of my Housing Society mugging up their notes, exchanging their last minute suggestions and spending their midnight oils to revise their important chapters, I was wondering if I can share some Free web/ smart phone apps that can help them organize their notes/ schedules and time.]

Disclaimer: With this article I do not intend to annoy or dishearten any Apple lovers. This is just that not every student can afford to own an iPhone or an iPad but I have seen many of these students flaunting their droids. There can be and must be lots of iphone or ipad gadgets/ apps that are available free or paid and might be 150% better, easy to use and I am not comparing them.

1. Evernote: Evernote is one of the best note taking application which works in sync with a web app and the desktop program. You can take note using your phone (text, voice rec etc.) and it will sync to both your online Evernote account and your desktop. Evernote’s organization capability is awesome. You can organize your ‘notebooks’ for different subjects and can tag notes. The usability rocks, simple navigation and best of all is free! Evernote is available for your Droid mobile from Android OS 1.5 version. So you need not to spend a huge amount on your Android Handset. Even a low-cost version Samsung, Motorola or HTC device can have Evernote.

2. CamScanner: With Camscanner you can turn your droid phone to a document scanner to scan and manage your documents, whiteboard discussions and receipts easily. It’s smart image cropping and enhancement algorithm ensures the scanned images are clear and very much recognizable and readable. You can also turn your scanned document to PDF and upload and share with friends. These Docutext can be tagged and made search-able. This reminds of our my ol’ school days when we used to spend most of our savings in Photocopying last minute “Important” notes and sharing with close pals.

3. Catchnotes: Catch Notes is a FREE feature-packed note taking app that allows you to capture text, voice, images, and locations. It also allows you to sync and share with your free account in catch.com. You can also Password-protect your notes, set reminders, share content, and keep organized with easy #tags. You can also share catch notes with your twitter and facebook account.

3. Astrid: Astrid takes the To-do list making to the next level. Definitely it is a one point dashboard that does your all To-Do list making and priority setting at one go. This is one of the most used app used on smartphone devices and its free. This isn’t just a to-do list – Astrid is the personal assistant you need to spur you to into action. Some of the features of Astrid include setting priorities, deadlines, adding descriptions, tagging and adding notes to items. The organisation capability of Astrid is fantastic with the ability to separate your work, social and college life tasks. You can also search by title, date, importance etc… Astrid is taking social real seriously of late. I think this is must for all students during exam.

4. CoursePro: With CoursePro, students can keep track of their homework assignments using a simple to-do style list. Assignment Types include — quiz, homework, project, or lab. You can keep track of your grades the way your professor does. CoursePro automatically keeps a current report card, so you can see exactly where you stand at any time. You also get a full grades break down by assignment type. CoursePro even allows you to specify which Assignment Types have ‘drops’.

5. Formulas Lite: This is a must have App for all students. Formulas Lite is a simple, easy to use application which helps you to refer collection of most important formulas of maths, physics & chemistry. Some of the best options in the apps are : Scientific Calculator, Interesting Facts, Translator etc.

6. Calculus Tools: This android apps help you with calculus and also finds derivatives, computes definite integrals, arc lengths, finds Taylor series, plots graphs of functions, including polar and parametric and slope fields. It also includes integral tables and custom keyboard. A must have for all your Calculus needs.

7.Chemical Equation Balancer: This chemical equation balancing app will balance all types of equations with just a click of a button.You need to just type the equation in, making elements capitalized and compounds separated by a “+” sign and an “=” sign to show the other side, along with the products. Touch “Balance” and your equation will be balanced in a Giffy!

8. Share Your Board: This is an award wining Android app that helps in Capturing, Processing and Sharing Whiteboard data. A great tool to capture many of those awesome ideas that only remains on the whiteboard of the Boardroom, seminar room or conference room and never sees the light of actual execution. This can act as a great tool for students doing summer projects.

9. Recordoid Dictaphone: Recordoid turns your phone into retro dictaphone. Recordoid is available for all Android devices. The Lite version is available for free in Android Market. You can easily manage all recordings. You can add notes, save them, send via e-mail, save and view recording location on the map, send recording note as SMS and even assign recording as ringtone. Very handy for students.

10. Hoccer: This is a gesture driven file sharing app. If you want to share a picture,text or audio data you just need to “throw” it to the destination device. While the destination device has to catch it just like you catch a frisbee. Nice innovative way to file sharing. Adding some play while you study hard for your next paper.

Hope this article will be of some help during this stressful time. All the best to dear students for their exam and smart time management.

[Important!: Some of the apps are from open market recommended by Google. R K SWAMY Interactive is no way related to any makers of the apps and are not paid to promote any app.]