Facebook’s privacy notice hoax was probably the best example of herd mentality for the digital age. A fake ‘privacy notice’ spread virally Facebook, and was mean to protect one’s personal data from unauthorized copying. This notice was probably the outcome of a prankster’s over active imagination and spread a few days after Facebook posted its new privacy guidelines, announcing it would let users comment on proposed changes to its governing documents. As if this wasn’t enough, a very similar rumour about a popular android messenger- Whatsapp did rounds back home in India.

At other times, it was this very herd that had the heart to come forward to help a girl find her mother’s hat. Bridget Hughes’ lost hat had belonged to her mother. She was suffering from cancer before she passed away. Hughes’ mother used to wear this hat during chemotherapy sessions and the hat was all that Bridget had left of her. Within a short span, an old photo posted by her wearing the hat with a short description had 1.5 lakh likes and 8000 comments. The picture was so touching that it went viral in a few hours. While we hope Bridget makes history by finding the hat, here’s a lesson or two for marketers who hope to do so too- move the audience and be genuine if you want social media to work for you.